Kirsten Piroth

Dec 2 & 3, 11am - 5pm

In my art, I celebrate color and the joy it brings to the viewer. I am inspired by colorful or patterned things I see in my daily life - fabrics, plants, photos in magazines- and these become incorporated into what I am making at the time. Overtime my art has gone down many different paths and is forever changing and evolving – I move through different stages of painting both in terms of style and medium, sometimes using acrylics, sometimes oils and sometimes both! I like to layer my colors and techniques: at times my paintings may be very abstract while at other times they are more representative of things around me. Something that I hope is present in my art is a vitality and vibrancy, and an idea of visual balance: a general feeling of optimism, positivity and well-being. When people look at my art, I hope that it makes their day just that little bit brighter.

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Hideaway Studio, 1250 Addison St (upstairs studio), Berkeley, CA 94702
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There are stairs up to the studio but no elevator.
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