Kim Cardoso

Dec 2 & 3 from 11a to 5p

I am a loud person who makes quiet art. I savor the craft-like method of encaustic painting in a meditative exploration of landscape and emotion. Relating to my formal training as a metalsmith and working with my hands as a midwife, I love the physicality of wax, pigments, hand tools, and fire. I know my work is complete when it feels familiar and sensual and evokes a fresh connectedness.

Kim Cardoso is a visual artist originally from Baltimore, Maryland. She received degrees in art, psychology, and midwifery, and worked for several years as a metalsmith before settling into painting. Her work has been exhibited across the US and is collected internationally. In 2021, the International Encaustic Artists awarded her a grant to further her series about California's volcanic landscape. She lives on a tiny urban farm in Oakland and paints at the Norton Factory Studios in 8B. She works part time in community health.

Location and Contact Information

Artwork Price Range
$50 to $4000
Studio or Exhibition Space
Norton Factory Studios 3094 E 10th St, Oakland, CA 94601
Accessibility Information
Accessible via Derby St. If not open, please ring bell on 10th for ramp access.
Languages Spoken
English, Portuguese, & Spanish
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