Portrait of Jade

Houyee Chow-Jimenez

May 20/21 11AM- 5PM

Houyee is a queer biracial multidisciplinary artist and educator from San Jose, CA. She earned her bachelor’s degree at San Francisco State University in Studio Art with a minor in Philosophy. During the day, she works at a non-profit teaching youth and young adults about arts, tech, media, and creativity. Houyee dedicates her evenings and weekends working on her artwork which addresses social justice, gender inequality, racial justice, LGBTQIA+ experiences, climate crisis, life, and mental health all mixed in with healing from her own traumas. She uses painting, photography, and installation to illustrate her experience of being queer and mixed race growing up in America. Society categorizes people, but the problem is that she, like many others, cannot be forced into a box. Her work is inspired by life and the lived experience.

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1501 Martin Luther King Junior Way, Oakland, CA, USA
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