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Gary Comoglio

Open Studios Hours May 13/14 and May 20/21, 11am - 5pm

My art embraces the beauty of simplicity, light, color, and abstracted shapes to create strong compositions, often built by combining collaged elements, such as drawings, photographs, and found images. I explore ways to morph representational aspects of figures and objects with abstract elements to allow for more expressive use of paint that remains in proximity to the subject while simultaneously obscuring it. My approach to painting is to develop, define, and redefine the image building on successive layers of paint until it emerges from the canvas.

Gary is passionate about expanding cultural literacy, public experience in visual arts, promoting artistic development within the community, and encouraging citizens to actively participate in making art a valuable aspect of their lives. He previously served as a member of the board of directors of the Achenbach Graphics Arts Council at the Palace of Legion of Honor Fine Arts Museum. He also curated and mounted over 20 printmaking exhibitions during a six-year period as the exhibitions director for the California Society of Printmakers. In 2014, Gary received the Alameda County Arts Leadership Award, presented by the Alameda County Arts Commission to recognize individuals for their outstanding achievements and contributions impacting the arts community and the residents of Alameda County. He is a graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute.

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2727 California Street, Berkeley, CA, USA
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