Elizabeth Zanzinger

Open Studios Hours May 13/14, May 20/21, 11am - 5pm


Elizabeth Zanzinger studied traditional drawing and painting from life at the Aristides Classical Atelier and Gage Academy of Fine Art in Seattle, Washington. She completed her education with a fellowship at the Grand Central Academy, New York City. Since then she has continued to develop her personal work while accepting commissioned portraits. She works full time in her Oakland, CA studio, teaching and continuing to enjoy her creative practice.


Painting is the most archaic creative act on the planet and I am fascinated by its persistent relevance. My work explores that humble act of painting, focusing on the tangible personality of my subjects as they exist in their space. I embrace academic craftsmanship as a way of celebrating specific elements, frequently working from life and allowing a deeply felt connection with my subjects. Figures and objects are often found embedded in natural surroundings, providing me with a departure point for abstraction or an earthy anchor to reality. The genesis of a work pairs intuitive mark-making with carefully considered passages of observed reality. I use this rhythm to express my astonishment over the complexity of form and consciousness. In this way I aim to hold in the balance my reverence for the long history of art while I work in response to the energy of the present.

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Norton Factory Studios, 3094 East 10th Street, Oakland CA 94601
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