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Elin Christopherson

Open Studios Hours December 2 and 3 from 11am - 5pm

Elin Christopherson is a sculptor and maker of craft objects, larger objects, wall work, and art in the public realm.

With a home base in the Glass Arts, Elin makes work that often incorporates blown and solid hot glass, enamel fired painted glass, kiln fired fused glass, and mixed media construction. Elin renews ancient crafts and techniques in new ways. This includes using factory production methods to create multiple parts for sculpture and public art. To date, she has created large scale glass artwork in the public realm for two libraries, a park, a civic center, two medical centers, an outdoor mall, and a community center.

Through her imagery, Elin looks at landscapes and toward places where human activity intersect with nature. Much landscape in the lands of the Western United States is vast and open, yet intersected with human actions in many places. In these lands, one can read the history of what humans have done over the years, if one is sufficiently informed and aware of the visual cues and markers.

Elin wishes to connect the viewer to some aspects of the environment of the West and through her work, allows the viewer to see themselves. Her objects illustrate human activity and events that occurred upon the landscape while celebrating nature as a part of the human experience.

Website: www.elinchristopherson.com

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Studio or Exhibition Space
806 Haight Avenue, Alameda, CA, USA