Don Santos

Dec 2,3, 11am - 5pm

I started making ceramics in 1970 and have been at it ever since. I taught Ceramics at the collage level for 30 years, am now retired and working almost every day in my Berkeley studio.

I have always allowed myself to explore the ceramic medium wherever firing, experience, opportunity and visual excitement lead me. In my studio, visitors often comment that the work looks like it is made by multiple artists.

I most like making ceramic elements to use as components to build with, especially in wall pieces. I enjoy using varied surfaces and traditional Chinese glazes in a contemporary context. In my wall work the transition points between contrasting elements are my focus. Expressions of house, topography, natural landscape, architectural structures, industrial textures and the geology that surrounds us are what tends to be the force behind my sculpture.

Decorative vases are a natural fit to my love of gardening and the joy I feel in nature. I also enjoy making drinking vessels. The holding of a cup in the hand creates an intimate tactile and esthetic experience that is both personal and social when sharing a beverage with friends.

Location and Contact Information

Artwork Price Range
$25 to $4000
Studio or Exhibition Space
2547 8th Street, Berkeley, CA, USA BAY #2 Studio #25 Sawtooth building
Accessibility Information
Studio is accessible.
Languages Spoken
English and Spanish