Carla Golder

12/2 and 12/3, 11-5PM

My work is about aspects of the African Diaspora and focuses on African-American women. It is about the journey from forced migration, the anguish and torment of being captives, and the ongoing battle to find our place of belonging in a hostile environment.

I am guided by ancestral voices that, sometimes through dreams, tell me where the divine feminine resides in all living things, I seek to reveal its presence in the petals of a flower and the trunk of a tree. I am telling the African-American story of struggle, healing, and rebirth. The divine feminine is the spiritual inner resource from which African-American women can derived the strength and perseverance for their journey through the African diaspora. An affinity to nature and the elements is essential to our finding the way to a place of refuge. In this phase of my work, I am incorporating the African deities of water, fire, and air in my drawings to express our inner power and connectedness.

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Studio or Exhibition Space
2727 California Street, Berkeley, CA, USA
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Studio space is wheelchair accessible.
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