Buffy Davis

Participating Weekends (May 13/14 or May 20/21)

 I am a California / east bay native who discovered photography in the second half of my life. I'm drawn to botanical, landscapes, and anything with contrast and imperfections that I develop in the many forms of alternative photography processes. After raising two children, it's exciting that at the age of 50+ I have discovered my passion in photography and viewing my surroundings through a new lens.

Buffy Davis is starting the second act of her life through the lens of her camera and an interest in the alternative photography processes. From the historic process of Cyanotype from 1842 where the developed photograph turns a Cyan Blue, intentional camera movement photography, where the image looks like an abstract painting, glitch / deconstructing photography, and using interesting color hues to give her photography an other worldly look. Buffy is drawn to landscapes and botanicals from her travels focusing on the contrast and imperfections that she views.

Location and Contact Information

Studio or Exhibition Space
7038 Village Parkway, Dublin, CA 94568, USA