Azar Vaghefi

May 13/14 and May 20/21

I notice things. I notice the blue jay that flies quickly past my window into the sunlit lake, the wind that blows onto the grass down the hill and the deer that hurries into the bushes. For years I have put oil paint onto canvas to capture and express what I observe, filter it through shapes and colors that convey how I feel when I watch nature. Over the years I experimented with every technique I could get my hands on, be it oil, acrylic, or collage. I eventually came to realize that a flat surface is simply not enough anymore to express all that I wish sometimes, which made me turn to play endlessly with clay. Fascinated by cultures around the world I sculpt faces, feelings and sometimes just a fun bird. I love to share all that I notice with others.
I am a visual artist and ceramist. I am the former board president of San Francisco Women Artists and have exhibited in many galleries in the Bay Area including Art People Gallery in San Francisco. Graduating from Tehran Academy of Art, I received my PHD in Ottoman textile design from Istanbul and have been exhibiting, teaching and working in various universities and classes in Iran, Turkey and USA throughout my life prior to settling down in California.

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FM Oakland, 483. 25th Street, Oakland
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