Audrey Heller

December 2 and 3, 11am - 5pm

There’s something for everyone in my studio. My hardcover book (only $20!), is a foolproof gift for even the most challenging recipient. My playful greeting cards give some sass to the season. And for the BIG gifts, there’s nothing like art!

I draw from my background as a director and lighting designer for theatre to create and capture unique views of our world. Often playful, often poetic.

I feel passionate about creating community and building bridges between people, so when my pictures spark a conversation or evoke a shared smile I feel tremendous delight.

I am currently showing two very different bodies of work:

Linger- These images are all single, long exposures. I move the camera with my gaze, capturing many views and blurring the boundaries of them all. The subjects are simultaneously revealed and obscured in this process, replicating the feeling of movement and breath that I experienced in the moment.

Overlooked Undertakings- The fantasy of being tiny in a giant environment is universally compelling. Whether it is interpreted playfully, politically or spiritually, we have all had some experience of feeling minuscule compared to our surroundings or our challenges. I create mixed-scale scenarios, using the disorientation that results from these surreal scenes to draw attention to the beauty and power of everyday objects and daily interactions. I encourage people to see things that they might otherwise overlook. I have exhibited this series since 1996, when I made my first nerve-racking public appearances on the walls of San Francisco coffee shops. Since 2000, I have exhibited at top juried art festivals around the country, and shared my work around the world via the web.

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Artwork Price Range
$20 - $1500
Studio or Exhibition Space
Sawtooth Building, 2547 Eighth Street, #45, Berkeley, CA, USA
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