into the wildwood2

Andrea Traber

December 2 and 3, 11am-5pm

Painting is my life’s inspiration.
Through the act of being with an empty canvas
…the fullness of infinite possibility…
…not “knowing” where to go or what to paint…
my inspiration finds itself in this most liberating experience

As the energy, movement, color and stroke enter my psyche and leave through my mind, heart, arms, hands, fingers and brush, my soul finds itself in this opening. I touch a place deep inside, far beyond any judgment or reason, safe from the harsh critique of self and other.

I experience joy, love, anger, fear, hesitation, pain and glory—the full complement—and all are welcome. In this refuge, the playful, colorful, space, rich patterns and texture become their own, regardless of concept, perhaps pleasing to eye, heart and soul.

I merely help the paint and canvas take form, conjuring its own inner beauty and peace. In this emptiness of meaning, there is great freedom. That others may experience delight in my inspiration is truly an unexpected blessing.

Location and Contact Information

Artwork Price Range
$400 - $1200
Studio or Exhibition Space
1340 Hopkins St, Berkeley, CA 94702, USA
Accessibility Information
studio is accessible
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